Public Transit

Promoting accessible and affordable transit across Detroit.

As Detroit continues to develop, accessibility of the city’s resources for everyone in the community must be a priority. Detroit’s success as a major metropolitan areas will largely depend on having a reliable regional transportation system – something that is currently lacking.

If elected, Matt will work with fellow lawmakers in Detroit, Hamtramck, and surrounding regions to make sure that the state invests in effective public transit that will help thousands of Detroiters access jobs, and sustain the city’s economic development. Specifically we need to make sure the Regional Transit Authority and DDOT are adequately funded to provide the city and region with the services they need.



Driving city-wide growth across Detroit’s diverse neighborhoods.

Perhaps the best-kept secret of Detroit and Hamtramck are their neighborhoods. From Woodbridge to Boston Edison and New Center to the East Side, Michigan’s 4th district includes some of the state’s more diverse communities.

While each of Detroit’s neighborhoods have much to offer, the degree of economic development and amount of resources available vary significantly between communities. While some neighborhoods have enjoyed surges in business growth, other areas have experienced economic decline. Similarly, some neighborhoods are long-established while others are newly emerging.

Matt believes that strengthening Detroit means supporting all neighborhoods, and creating plans specific to each area’s needs and current resources to ensure long-term growth while also uniting the district to make sure no parts are left behind. . .


Economic Development

Supporting Detroit business owners, entrepreneurs, and residents.

There is no question that business investments are coming into Detroit, but how are these investments affecting the city’s residents? 

Matt understands that the economic successes of Detroit has not benefited everyone in the city equally. One of his key focuses in building Detroit’s economy is looking at the development models that have worked in Downtown and Midtown, and learning from their successes and shortcomings to develop District 4’s local-owned, neighborhood businesses.

Matt’s plan for building economic growth in Detroit includes collaborating with business leaders and local officials to spur growth across the city’s neighborhoods – without displacing or disrupting the lives of the neighborhoods’ residents. Specifically, Matt wants use the office to organize and effort to invest in local and black owned business start ups and develop a way to keep people who have been foreclosed on in their homes.



Supporting Detroit children and families through education.

We all know that Detroit’s future depends on how we educate our children. While Lansing has committed to funding Detroit schools and paving the way our of bankruptcy Matt knows that a strong voice is will be needed in the Capitol to combat a wavering commitment to Detroit’s education system.

As representative of District 4, Matt will fight for Detroit’s children and families at both the local and state levels. This means fighting for consistent funding of schools that is representative f the needs of the District as well as ensuring local control over local schools.

In addition to advocating for Detroit schools in Lansing, Matt hopes to utilize the office of the State Representative to organize communities around their local schools to ensure that communities are equipped to serve students above and beyond what the state provides including developing continuing education and job training programs.