Supporting Detroit and Hamtramck business owners, entrepreneurs, and residents.

Business investments are coming into Detroit and Hamtramck, but how are these investments affecting the city’s residents?

Matt understands that District 4’s economic successes thus far have not benefited everyone in the city equally. One of his key focuses in building Detroit and Hamtramck’s economies is looking at the development models that have worked in Downtown and Midtown, and learning from their successes and challenges to develop District 4’s locally owned, neighborhood businesses.

Matt’s plan for building economic growth in Detroit and Hamtramck includes collaborating with business leaders and local officials to spur growth across the city’s neighborhoods – without displacing or disrupting the lives of the neighborhoods’ residents. Specifically, Matt hopes to utilize his office to organize and invest in local and black-owned business startups, and to improve support for people whose homes have been foreclosed.